Second Amendment friendly sites

Second Amendment Foundation

After you join the NRA (5,000,000 members), join the SAF (650,000 members). They tend to compromise less than the NRA.

National Association for Gun Rights

A quickly-growing Player in Second Amendment Rights (?? members). They bill themselves as "no compromise".

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The CCRKBA has over 600,000 members. Handgun Control, Inc has less than 28,000 members.

My Time 2 Stand

Instead of planning to be the Last Man Standing, be the first and you will find others will stand with you.
In other words, our effort will be spent replacing representatives who do not consider us equals.

Second Amendment friendly sites in Alabama

Alabama Open Carry

Excellent resource for OC information. Mailing List & Forums.

2A education & legislation status in the Heart of Dixie is currently an independent site, and is NOT directly affiliated with Alabama Gun Rights

For AGR, see &