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Bill Holtzclaw - Senator for the Alabama 2nd District

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Announcing the 2013 Republican Caucus Legislative Agenda

Alabama Firearms Protection Amendment – House Republicans understand that many Alabamians cherish their right to own and use a firearm.  Recent 5-to-4 opinions of the Supreme Court have threatened the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment, but have ultimately upheld the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.  If President Obama has the chance to fill any Court vacancies during his second term, these opinions could be overturned.  Consequently, our state constitution should, as strongly as possible, protect the right of every Alabamian to keep and bear arms.  With this amendment, Alabama’s 1901 Constitution will contain the strongest gun protection provisions in the country.  If ratified, this amendment would require future courts to use strict judicial scrutiny in evaluating state laws that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

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