“In God We Trust”

“In God We Trust” — Being exposed to this statement and the Bible during my childhood of Lutheran schooling, set a sure path for my beliefs into adulthood. Today’s government attempts to broadcast this statement in prayer, declaration, proclamation and even our currency bears this decree. But how can the government officials proclaim this nation’s collective trust in God, when they are trying to take His place by destroying the rights with which He endowed us?

The government collectively views right and wrong different from the way religion regards right and wrong. Governments are subject to political biases; while religion, even though not immune from political prejudice, sets certain standards for right and wrong that are objectively unchangeable. Among those principles and values are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the very concepts GUARANTEED by our Bill of Rights, and the very values that are INFRINGED upon and destroyed by our government. If we recall our Bill of Rights, these liberties ultimately didn’t come from the Constitution—even though they are guaranteed by that sacred document—they came from the Creator of right and wrong, GOD.


God created the demonic states in our world; he couldn’t expect us to stand back and fall victim to them.


It is comical that government officials, acting as a self-proclaimed “godly” authority, haven’t seen the connection between the statement “In God We Trust” and the right to self-defense. Man created government to protect our rights, not to infringe upon them; and yet, our government officials proclaim the United States to be a godly nation, while at the same time infringing upon the very rights set by God.

Several ideologies were set within the religion based on the interpretation of our rights. Many believe that the Fifth Commandment, Thou shalt not kill, means plainly what is written; in truth, this statement confirms the right to self-defense, as it was originally written as “Thou shalt not murder”, murder being defined as the taking of an innocent life. This commandment is not written as “thou shalt not kill in self-defense”, but it’s meaning is clear when combined Lutheran with God’s view of human life as sacred.

It is written in many pages of the Bible that the People of God killed, maimed, destroyed, speared, slaughtered and the like which proves that citizens have been armed since God brought them out of bondage in Egypt. Martin Luther wrote an analysis of the fifth commandment stating, “Therefore it is here forbidden to every one to be angry, except those (as we said) who are in the place of God, that is, parents and the government.” However, we still have the right to protect ourselves from others’ anger to preserve life. The Bible states, “Anyone who strikes a man and kills him shall surely be put to death.

However, if he does not do it intentionally, but God lets it happen, he is to flee to a place I will designate. But if a man schemes and kills another man deliberately, take him away from my altar and put him to death. (NIV, Exodus 21: 12-14). God proclaims, that if in self-defense a killing takes place with no prior plan for killing—God giving the right for it to happen, then he will determine the fate of that individual. It is presumed that God would protect those who defend themselves and their lives and not see them punished. On the contrary, if anyone harms a person deliberately, God will take their life and do with it what he wishes.

And yet we live under the rule of government officials who still proclaim, “In God We Trust”. If that statement was spoken in truth, the Bill of Rights – rights that come from God – would still be intact, and not continuously changed and violated by the government. God created the demonic states in our world; he couldn’t expect us to stand back and fall victim to them. And while many may claim the phrase, “turn the other cheek”, suggests that we turn our back on the protection we have fought for and have a right and duty to. If we turn our backs on our rights, especially the right to self-defense, then we have turned our backs on life and God. God wouldn’t have armed his people if he wanted them to “turn the other cheek”.


The government and citizens must realize that the reality of evil will never change, and we are pre-destined to live with what God created.


Evil will reign on earth so long as we are alive. Murder is wrong, defending yourself, your property and your family is not. If this defense is aggressive, it’s still defense and we have been programmed to kill the enemy that wishes harm upon us or others. If we stand by allowing the government to control what rights we have as citizens and children of God, then we have been corrupted by the very government that was supposed to “protect” us. We become confused on what is right and wrong due to constant indoctrination of our ever changing authorities, but we need to uphold the principle that self-defense is our right to preserve the life that God created.

Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher of the late 19th century, stated in The Gay Science, s. 4 (Walter Kaufmann trans.), “What is new, however, is always evil, being that which wants to conquer and overthrow the old boundary markers and the old pieties; and only what is old is good. The good men are in all ages those who dig the old thoughts, digging deep and getting them to bear fruit – the farmers of the spirit. But eventually all the land is depleted, and the ploughshare of evil must come again and again.”

This quotation examines the idea stated above that evil will never decease. The government and citizens must realize that the reality of evil will never change, and we are pre-destined to live with what God created. The earth may fade away but our motto, “In God We Trust”, must persevere to battle the evil and let us protect ourselves by keeping our rights supreme and superior to governments’ proclamations.

— Maria M. D’Amato