I Carry Concealed

By JP556, on November 8th, 2010

Below is a short essay written by Eric Shelton, formerly of the Handgun Podcast.

I Carry Concealed, by Eric Shelton

Concealed means I’m not displaying it for anybody, or showing off. This is not about bravado, as much as the anti-gun side would make to like this about the size of the male organ. I have nothing to prove- just a desire to be a witness rather than evidence. Much like I’m not planning on using my seat belt just because I put it on, my pistol is a life-saving implement I hope not to use. Also like the seat belt, once it’s on I pretty much forget about it.

I don’t conceal because I’m sneaking around with a gun or trying to get away with something. I conceal because it’s such a non-issue that it’s simply easier to deal with the public at large if it remains a non-issue. Having to hold a conversation educating the sheeple every 40 minutes gets tiresome.

I carry concealed because if the knowledge of my firearm isn’t tabled, I have more chances to disengage, evade and/or escape. There is no “unstated threat” or escalation on my part. I can keep a situation in the non-lethal realm better and don’t worry about a gun grab. It keeps the option of deadly force as an absolute last resort.

I carry concealed, and I’m a Concealed Weapons Permit holder. This means I’ve passed a background check, am on record and monitored by the AZ Dept. of Public Safety, and have no criminal record. Kenn Blanchard once comically noted that requiring a date to be a CCW permit holder would be an excellent pre-screening dating device for women. That’s as close as you can get to being a State-certified “good guy”.

I carry concealed. As such, I’ve taken on an enormous responsibility to those around me to know what I’m doing and behave in an appropriate manner. I’m aware of risks and responsibilities and as such have pursued further training and knowledge in the area of firearms and ballistics. Researching ballistics and having a realistic grasp on the effects of my bullets does not indicate a blood lust; rather, it would be irresponsible of me to NOT fully grasp the consequences (intended or otherwise) of pressing the trigger.

If handguns cause crime, mine's defective!