If more people carried gun, there would be Blood In The Streets!

Minor traffic accidents will result in a hail of gunfire!

That's what we call the "Because you'd think so" argument. (there's a page on The Facebook with that name)

It is based upon emotions rather than logic, and what the media chooses to sensationalize.

If one in ten people discreetly carried a handgun, violent crime would decrease.

Research conducted by Professors James Wright and Peter Rossi, (Ref 1) for a landmark study funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, points to the armed citizen as possibly the most effective deterrent to crime in the nation. Wright and Rossi questioned over 1,800 felons serving time in prisons across the nation and found:

    81% agreed the "smart criminal" will try to find out if a potential victim is armed.
    74% felt that burglars avoided occupied dwellings for fear of being shot.
    80% of "handgun predators" had encountered armed citizens.
    40% did not commit a specific crime for fear that the victim was armed.
    34% of "handgun predators" were scared off or shot at by armed victims.
    57% felt that the typical criminal feared being shot by citizens more than he feared being shot by police.

Professor Kleck estimates that annually 1,500-2,800 felons are legally killed in "excusable self-defense" or "justifiable" shootings by civilians, and 8,000-16,000 criminals are wounded. This compares to 300-600 justifiable homicides by police. Yet, in most instances, civilians used a firearm to threaten, apprehend, shoot at a criminal, or to fire a warning shot without injuring anyone.

Based on his extensive independent survey research, Kleck estimates that each year Americans use guns for protection from criminals more than 2.5 million times annually. (Ref 2) U.S. Department of Justice victimization surveys show that protective use of a gun lessens the chance that robberies, rapes, and assaults will be successfully completed while also reducing the likelihood of victim injury. Clearly, criminals fear armed citizens.

    1 Wright and Rossi, Armed and Considered Dangerous: A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms (N.Y.: Aldine de Gruyter, 1986).
    2 Kleck, interview, Orange County Register,Sept. 19, 1993.

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Statics have shown that violent crime has decreased as laws that recognize the right of citizens to carry handguns have been put in place. Currently, 48 states permit citizens to carry <cite>

BTW, a warning shot is not a good idea.